About Me

Hello, my name is Gregory Petropoulos, I am currently a physics graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder. I enjoy good food, good beer, good chocolate, and above all else good coffee. I also engage in outdoor hobbies that include skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and camping.


I was born and raised in Southington Connecticut. As a kid I loved to learn about how stuff works. I spent a lot of time reading and watching the History Channel and Discovery Channel back when their programming was more in line with their name. Even then I was drawn towards science and did everything I could to absorb as much of it as I could.

In high school I quickly solidified my fascination with mathematics and science. I took physics a year early and it immediately became my favorite field of science. At this time I also began learning about computer programming and computer hardware.

After high school I went to the University of Connecticut for my undergraduate studies. While at UCONN I majored in physics and minored in mathematics. As a sophomore, I began my research career working for Thomas Blum. In addition to my coursework and research, I worked as a resident assistant and tutor. I was also active is several student clubs. I didn't know it then, but what I needed was mountains.


My research is in theoretical particle physics. I currently study strongly coupled dynamical symmetry breaking and renormalization group techniques using lattice gauge theory. From 2010 to 2013 my work was supported by a Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellowship.

Lattice Gauge Theory

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Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

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Renormalization Group

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Presented Work

Here is a collection of talks and posters that I have given at scientific conferences. Most of these are for a technical audience.


Improved Lattice Renormalization Group Techniques:
  Lattice 2013
  July 30, 2013
  Mainz, Germany
Improved Lattice Renormalization Group Techniques:
  APS April meeting 2013
  April 13, 2013
  Denver, CO
Setting the Scale with the Wilson Flow:
  University of Colorado HEP-TH Journal Club
  October 4, 2012
  Boulder, CO
MCRG Study of SU(3) Gauge Theories with 8 and 12 Fundamental Fermions:
  Lattice 2012
  June 28, 2012
  Cairns, Australia
The Chiral Magnetic Effect on the Lattice:
  CQUeST Seminar at Sogang University
  July 6, 2010
  Seoul, Korea


Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories with Many Flavors in the Chiral Limit:
  IIP Summer School
  March 19, 2013
  Natal, Brazil
The Search for a Composite Higgs:
  DOE SCGF Annual Meeting 2012
  July 31, 2012
  Brookhaven, NY
MCRG study of the SU(2) pure gauge model with mixed fundamental-adjoint action:
  DOE SCGF Annual Meeting 2011
  July 19, 2011
  Oak Ridge, TN
  Lattice 2011
  July 12, 2011
  Tahoe, CA


Below are some hilighted papers, you can find my full publication history on INSPIRE.

Curriculum Vitae

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Office: Gamow Tower F425
Email: gregory (dot) petropoulos (at) colorado (dot) edu
Office Phone:   (303) 492-8903

I can also be reached via the webform below. Once it is working that is...